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What is GateApp

GateApp is a very advanced platform for the management of:

  • Users (occasional and subscribers)
  • Services (occasional tickets, expiring subscriptions, climbing subscriptions)
  • Access Control (with free passage, physical access, time stamps)

GateApp offers, with a simple Web Interface, all the tools for user management, analysis and statistics of the collected data. GateApp is a real multi-lingual Web service, designed for companies with multiple locations distributed across the globe, each Operator and each User will see in their language both the interface and all the filled data by the other offices. GateApp is cross-platform compatible with Computers, Tablets and Mobile Phones. GateApp has a differentiated interface for:

  • the Manager who, by signing the service, can register and manage all Users, assign Badges and Register Subscriptions, Organize the sale and planning of the Services.
  • the User can access and view their profile, read news, view the services purchased, deadlines and appointments, and with the advanced options, the User can make reservations, renew subscriptions and pay for services purchased directly online.

GateApp is very flexible and allows you to manage the Presence Control and Access Control in many areas of application:

  • Control of Employee Attendance for companies with offices spread over the territory
  • Control of Accesses within one or more Construction Sites of the same Construction Company
  • Control of Accesses in Sports Facilities linked to the same Company
  • Entrance Control with Web Registration for Events, Events, Fairs and Concerts

GateApp allows your staff to work flexibly in Mobility, to View, Modify and Update user data wherever they are located with a simple Tabled or Phone.

GateApp guarantees maximum protection of your data through the use of redundant Servers on multiple Delocalized DataCenter and with Daily Backups.



System Architecture


GateApp offers more than one application solution that guarantees a growing level of security and service continuity.


Fully Web Solution: All Reader Terminals connect directly to the GateApp server to verify permissions when a User uses a card on the Badge Reader Terminal. In the event that the response time is greater than 2 seconds or, in the event that the network connection is lost, the Reader Terminal may use a policy that denies or authorizes access to all users..




DESK & WEB Solution : all the reader Terminals are connected to a local Server that guarantees to the Reader Terminals an authorization check an immediate response. Also all Client workstations used by Operators work connected to the local Server. A periodic synchronization of all information is then performed with the GateApp server.





Sectors of Application
Personal Training & Coaching
Gym & Fitness Club
Swimming Pool
SPA & Wellness Center
Dancing School
Golf & Tennis Club
Private Club
Physiotherapy Center
Medical Clinic
Office & Employ Access Control
Building sites Access Control
Museum, Fair, Exposition
Marketing & Fidelity Circuit
Services for Managers
Plant Managing Software
Control Access Systems
Subscription Managing
Payment Accounting
MoneyCard Credits
Online Coaching
Service Booking
Activity Planning
Club Social Network


Services for Users
Training Software
Nutrition Programs
Electronic Credit Purse 
App Mobile